Allotment – Tamworth Farm

May was very busy (holiday in Wales and visit to Plas Cadnant), fairly stressful time at work and two Teddy Thompson gigs so I’ve still not planted anything on my second plot. I’m hoping I may get some autumn veggies in by mid-summer! But sensible planning comes first.

I know where I want the shed to go and I’ve  comprehensively nuked the weeds in that spot.

Thanks to the lovely Guy at Solo Wood Recycling I got 7 more pallets (all of a similar size) and some decent fence posts which only needed de-nailing for the princely sum of under £30.  Then a visit to Homebase for wood stain and after an afternoon spent painting I had this:

Fence 01

A week later, a substantially larger spend on metal fence post feet,  lots of screws, an ex who is happy to help be creative plus two hours on a sunny Saturday morning and I had this!

Fence 02It’s not 100% complete as the people in the plot next to me may want to move the path from the right hand side (where it currently is – hence the large gap) to the left hand side of the plots in autumn. But I have two more pallets so can finish which ever way things go!

As you can see the falling down fence between me and the adjacent plot to the left still needs fixing.  But I have wood and fence posts and fence feet, and screws and metal fixings all picked up on Thursday last week.

I just need another sunny day or two to paint all the wood and another Saturday morning to strengthen the three pallets already there. Then I can replace the wire fence between where the existing unpainted pallets end and the metal fence all the way at the bottom of the plot buried under brambles! Luckily the fence on the right hand side of the allotment can wait until next year.

I’ve got enough wood to make some very low raised beds but that will have to wait for a future weekend.

And once the fence is up I can lay the base for the shed and (hopefully!) purchase one soon.

Another bank holiday spend was a battery operated strimmer which will come in handy once the weather turns nicer!

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1 Response to Allotment – Tamworth Farm

  1. Flighty says:

    You’ve sure been busy, and it’s going to look good when it’s done. I like the two colours. Enjoy the weekend. xx

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