AWOL and allotmenting

For various reasons I’ve been reading but not posting the last couple of weeks.

My allotments are still surviving.

The smaller Rose Avenue plot has

  • delivered a fine crop of red currants
  • the potatoes are ready to start harvesting
  • the oca is really establishing well,
  • the rhubarb has finally started growing
  • the large daisy’s have given an amazing showing
  • finally dug brambles out of 3/4 of the last bit (and may finish it this weekend)
  • the herbs are doing inredibly well
  • strimmed the paths around the plot

The larger plot on Tamworth Farm is starting to shape up too:

  • a short pallet fence has been erected along the boundary between my plot and the lovely Polish neighbours
  • I spent a weekend putting in fence posts for the fence on the right hand side of the plot and then breaking down and painting pallets to make the uprights
  • I’ve bought an painted a whole lot of wood to mark out some raised beds
  • I’m afraid I’ve tackled the bindweed with a couple of liberal doses of weedkiller (I learned my lesson from the Rose Ave plot!)

There’ll be pictures sometime next week when I have chance to download them from my phone!

However this Saturday is out allotment picnic – so fun times first!



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1 Response to AWOL and allotmenting

  1. Flighty says:

    The small plot is doing well and you’ve certainly been busy on the other one.
    Enjoy the allotment picnic. xx

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