Allotment targets – June

In the hopes that writing things down may mean they get done here is the list of tasks for the allotment(s)!

Farm plot

  • Shed
    • Clean last bit of last year’s paint off the windows
    • Fix tool hooks and hang up tools
    • Fix brackets for shelves and make shelves
    • Finally cut plywood for last bit of floor strengthening and paint
    • Tidy up
    • Set up refreshment station with camping stove, tea etc!
    • Connect water butt to guttering
    • Level spot for water butt
  • Finish making the last bit of the fence
  • Paint pegs for the fruit bed borders
  • Fix wooden planks to pegs and make/install fruit bed borders
  • Weed Apple Avenue
  • Plant lavender in Currant Crescent and mulch
  • Weed and mulch (and plant last raspberries) in Raspberry Road
  • Bonfire for all the old pallet wood
  • Sort out and neatly stack the wood pile (for making borders for beds)
  • Plant honeysuckle
  • Get black plastic on the back half of the plot
  • Clear all rubbish
  • Measure up again and check against draft plan
  • FINALISE plan
  • Mark up and start digging beds
  • Clear weedy half of the stony bed by fence at bottom of plot and decide whether to plant to herbs or make a wild food hedge for wildlife (source and cost up plants)

Rose Avenue plot

  • Strim paths
  • Strim front third of plot so I can see the ground!
  • Weed the poor overgrown herb bed
  • Weed and mulch under the currants
  • Pull up all thistles on bit of plot which has been prepped
  • Plant stuff (strawberries and beans) in ground which is ready
  • Cut back giant self seeded comfrey and make comfrey tea
  • Decide where to move comfrey next year!
  • Weed and mulch around rhubarb plant
  • Collect seeds from opium/Himalayan poppies and offer to share with other plotholders
  • Start digging over front third of plot and finally try and get rid of brambles and bindweed.  If necessary get as much bare earth as possible then put cardboard and black plastic down until next year.
  • Decide what to do with small square bed at back of plot – maybe ideal spot for comfrey?
  • Dig over front of pot next to tarmac path (be careful of bulbs!) and decide what flowers to put in there next year (emphasis of wild and good for wildlife)
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