Allotment – prep! And Casa Chaotica

Today’s the day – a friend is coming over for 11:30am and then we’re off to pick up a van and buy lots of lovely timber so I can finally start making the raised beds for the large allotment.

I’m hoping there may be some clearer weather over the weekend (and Monday as I have a day off) to get started on this but the forecast looks a little grim.

The upside is if rain stops play on the allotment I’ll have 3 days to sort out the spiraling chaos in my flat. I’d had just under 3 weeks off at Christmas when all the flat clearing, tidying and some moderate decorating were due to happen – alas I caught the dreadful seasonal lurgy and achieved precisely nothing!  So I started the new year in a state of chaos and I’ve not quite managed to catch up since.

But there are four empty days ahead and I have PLANS so I’m optimistic at the moment that it might be a productive long weekend!



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