Personal targets – July

My lovely PT has headed off for a month long break in Mexico (a week in Cancun and then 3 weeks of  a Sivananda yoga course) and I’m trying not to be jealous! In his absence I have promised to do things (and rest) so for the sake of accountability here are the targets for July.


  • 13,500 steps per day or 94,500  per week (since I’m trotting up and back from the allotment and lugging watering cans around this should be do-able)
  • 3 x 30 min cardio sessions in the gym every week
  • start (and complete) the Daily Om 21 days of yoga course
  • daily stretching and foam rolling


  • drink all the water or c. 2 litres a day (in this heat I need it)
  • daily vitamins
  • food log and meal planning
  • 6 a day fruit/veg minimum but preferably 10 a day!
  • aim for a min of 6 hours sleep
  • play with cat and kittens (good for the soul)!


  • I desperately need to do an Unfuck your habitat or Kondo around the flat
  • Tidy up tiny front garden
  • Tidy up small back garden
  • Repot and sort all houseplants


  • No spend days are the aim for July (my budget has taken a hammering with a broken boiler in February, cat diagnosed with terminal illness in Feb/March and 3.5 months of high vets bills and the washing machine has just packed up)!
  • Challenge BT about overcharging me on two accounts
  • Dig out all the paperwork relating to old mortgages, loans and credit/store cards and get my PPI claims in
  • Seriously sort out old electrical stuff, DVDs and books and sell off via CEX, Ziffit, Zapper, we Buy Books, Momox and Music Magpie (earn money and create space).

There’s a separate list of allotment tasks for the two plots but that’s enough planning ahead for now!


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