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AWOL and allotmenting

For various reasons I’ve been reading but not posting the last couple of weeks. My allotments are still surviving. The smaller Rose Avenue plot has delivered a fine crop of red currants the potatoes are ready to start harvesting the … Continue reading

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Allotment – Rose Avenue

This is my original plot at Rose Avenue 7m x 5m to give an overall 35 square metres. The crudely drawn white lines (I have MS Paint and am not afraid to use it) show the boundaries. The black compost … Continue reading

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Back garden clean-up – update!

Quite a bit more achieved on the great back garden clean-up! I finally got around to squeezing myself between the Pyracantha and the fire-escape and cleaned up the areas underneath the fire-escape.  I now remember the concrete there is actually a … Continue reading

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Planting rhubarb and flowers

In between the apparently endless deluges of rain we have had a few fine days and today was one. So back down to the allotment with a giant amount of Things To Do some of which you can see below: … Continue reading

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Herbs for summer

One of the best things about having some space is being able to grow fresh herbs to add to summer salads (and other dishes). I finally got my current selection of herbs into their pots.  I’d intended to grow from … Continue reading

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