Allotment – Rose Avenue

This is my original plot at Rose Avenue 7m x 5m to give an overall 35 square metres.

Plot 1a.JPG

The crudely drawn white lines (I have MS Paint and am not afraid to use it) show the boundaries. The black compost bin next to the shed is mine – the shed is not! The freshly dug over bit is where the potatoes are and along the back boundary are a red and white currant, a raspberry and another fruit bush. The herb bed runs along the line from the compost bin to the path. There’s a decent sized lavender and rosemary there plus a couple of sages and mace, thyme and various other plants which should be popping up soon.


Plot 1

The bed at the front abutting the path is technically not part of the plot but I decided rather than let it run to couch grass and bramble I’d plant bulbs, wallflowers  and wildflowers there.  The bulbs are pretty much done and the wallflowers just starting to come out.

The dead bit of grass by the bags of manure is waiting to be dug over.  After a 3 year battle I gave up and tackled the brambles and couch grass with some roundup.  So I just need to dig and prep that area.  And do some long overdue edging of the path.

If I decide to keep this plot I may put some raised beds in around autumn.

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8 Responses to Allotment – Rose Avenue

  1. Allotmental says:

    Looks like a nice little bit of land to work on. Plot looks ok 😉

    • Jo says:

      It’s a lovely little plot and after all the manure I;ve dumped on it over the last 6 months I hope it will be lovlier next year! 🙂

  2. A lovely little plot. Is that the standard size where you are? 😊

    • Jo says:

      Our allotment site is made up of three areas and the plots on Rose Avenue tend to be around 7m x 5m. They’re intended as starter plots or plots for busy people who want to garden but can’t manage a traditional size plot.

      The plots on the other two areas – Tamworth Farm and the Horseshoe tend to be bigger and the more traditional 5 or 10 rods in size.

  3. Flighty says:

    A nice size, and looks good. xx

    • Jo says:

      Thanks! t is lookig much better than it did last year – and hopefully the next couple of weeks will se eme clear that last little problematic bit – just in time to plant lots of beans!

  4. Ruthie says:

    That’s looking great Jo, and I bet those wallflowers smell divine!

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