Allotment – Tamworth Farm

This is the new plot I’ve taken on. Out allotment site is made up of three areas – Rose Avenue (with smaller starter plots which was brought back into cultivation in 2013) and Tamworth Farm and the Horseshoe which have been under cultivation since before 1900.

My new plot is on Tamworth Farm and is about 105 square meters or 4 rods.  Not a giant plot by any means but sufficiently large that I should be able to get a shed on there and possibly either a small greenhouse or poly tunnel.

Here’s a view of the plot from the top boundary (left and right hand corners) looking down towards the fence (which is covered in wild triffid like blackberries).

As you can see some weeds – but not by any means desperately overgrown!  – and a bit of detritus left by previous owners.  The fences either side of the plot need some attention too.

Here’s a view from the opposite end looking back up the site.  I’ve learned my lesson with the Rose Avenue plot and intend to get out there this weekend and liberally apply some weedkiller to get a head start on ground clearance before things get too wild!

Investigation revealed a couple of trees and one kind of currant already on the plot:

Not quite sure what the trees are – all will be revealed in due course!  Obviously need to clear the brambles, climbers and grass around them this weekend.

And here’s the currant – at least I think it’s a currant!


Also not the dumped plastic sheets and crates! So I’ll clear things up a bit around it and see what happens.

My cunning plan for this year is to try and resist the temptation to cultivate it all IMMEDIATELY!

I’ve co-opted my ex to come and help me clear and lay a shed base the weekend of 7 and 8 May and maybe even get a run of fencing along the top boundary of the plot.

Then I want to plan where things are going to go – and decide whether to go the raised bed route.  So the first couple of months will be ground clearance and prep, hard landscaping and building, fencing and planning – I know I want more fruit – I just need to decide where to put it all!  I may sow some fast maturing catch crops and some summer flowers too.

Exciting times!

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3 Responses to Allotment – Tamworth Farm

  1. Flighty says:

    It looks like a good plot. Have fun, take it steady and enjoy tackling it over the coming months. You’ve plenty of time to plant or sow some flowers and vegetables. Happy plotting. xx

    • Jo says:

      It;s a really sweet plot – in need of some TLC and not too may rampant weeds as yet!

      Hoping to sort out one fence and the shed base in the next couple of weeks and then sensible plan the layout rather than going too mad trying to get things in the ground.

      I’ve learned from my experience on the other plor! Plan your layour properly before you start planting 🙂

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