Allotments – updates!

Last weekend was a little cold and grey but I headed down to the site anyway.  I spent most of my time on the new plot at Tamworth Farm, mainly because I wanted to get a good dose of weedkiller on the areas where I’ll be putting the shed, especially as I’ve co-opted some labour to help the weekend of 7-8 May!

While there I also managed to clear last year’s dead bindweed which was wrapped around the larger fruit tree at the bottom of the plot. Here it is bindweed and bramble free!


As you can see it’s up against the fence – what you can’t see is to the left is the giant patch of brambles (see below).  Here’s a close up pic of blossom and leaves…so folks what is that?  Plum? Cherry?  Something else?  My fruit tree ID is terrible.  I suspect cherry but I’m not sure.


And here are the triffid like blackberries and bindweed.  I wonder if I can salvage them? Certainly have my work cut out to sort out that area!


During the clearing process I’ve also discovered reaspberry canes in among the brambles and running along the plot boundary where the smaller tree is. The smaller tree has also been cleared of bindweed and is awash with blossom. Think this might be a cherry too?


I’ve also started avidly scanning Freecycle and TrashNothing to scrounge up things which might be useful on the plot.  This afternoon I left work a little early to beetle over to my local van hire place and collect a small van so I could go grab these!


Nine pallets crammed as tightly as possible in there.  Six from a charming chap who helped me load them all and another 3 from a charming but less helpful chap!  It took me 40 mins at the other end to get them out of the van and into the plot.  But at least I don’t need to worry about not having been to the gym today!

My plan is to use them to replace the rickety falling down fence on one side of the plot. The van hire was £28 (generally I’d get a full day’s use) but still it’s a darn sight cheaper than buying fencing for a run that long! And as you can see 7 of the 9 pallets should do it.  With two pallets and maybe a little bit of extra wood left over.

So tonight – after posting this – I’ll be hitting up google for ideas as to how to make sure I create a good strong fence!

The when I get back from Wales on 5 May I’m heading over to a local wood recycling depot to check out what they may have available for making a prettier fence along the front of the plot and for making some boundaries for potential planting beds!

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3 Responses to Allotments – updates!

  1. Flighty says:

    A busy, and worthwhile, few days by the look and sound of it. I’m not sure what you’re trees are so I would leave them be and how they do. I would tackle the brambly areas slowly leaving any major work until the autumn and winter. Pallets are always useful and will make a good fence once in place with plants growing in front of them. Perhaps the two left would make a compost bin. xx

  2. grownbytom says:

    What a great idea to use pallets as fencing and cheap too! I think you tree is a cherry. You can tell because they tend to fruit a lot at the tips of branches and have quite textured/deeply veined leaves.

    • Jo says:

      Thanks for the help on the tree ID! I never as very good at spotting fruit trees 🙂 I’m hoping the pallet fencing idea works – I’m hoping to use lots of recycled materials on the allotment.

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