Wales – r’n’r and gardens

It’s the end of May but I’ve been too busy to sit down and blog so cheating a little to backdate some posts!

Late April/early May saw a week long trip to the cottage on Anglesey where there was some serious rest and relaxation with the weather tending to wet in the mornings and clearing in the afternoon.  Plenty of time to sleep in and then toddle off out for a wander before eating our body weight in good food.

The cottage is as lovely as ever and I’m very grateful to my awesome neighbour T who keeps an eye on the garden (and the grass under control) as well as keeping the patio plants in check.

One day when I can get some extended time up there I’ll redo the patio (sorting out the crazy paving and concrete) and plant up a proper planting scheme.  But for now there are daffs, snowdrops and bluebells in spring, plus some potted camellia’s, a scrambling rose and honeysuckle in summer, lots of herbs and it is delightful.  The tree at the bottom of the lawn is a beautiful copper beech planted by the folks we bought the place from back in 1985.

One of the things we did while up there on a lovely sunny afternoon was finally visit Plas Cadnant (The Hidden Gardens).  Magnificent weather for a wander round a beautiful garden – I doubt I’ll be able to revisit in summer but may get to see it again in the autumn.

There’s a lovely balance between strictly formal gardens and wild woodland.  Also I may have some serious bench-envy going on!

They also serve a fantastic afternoon tea (handy after spending several hours walking around). As ever when wandering around a garden I came away with a phone full of pics and lots of ideas for things to try in both the cottage garden and possibly on the allotment plot at Tamworth Farm.

Alas the holiday was over far too soon and we had to head back to London.

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