Gigs – Teddy Thompson

The holiday in Wales had to end because:

(a) voting in the London Mayoral elections (we will not digress into how the council managed to strike me off the electoral roll without telling me and through a series of stupid c*ck ups and easily avoidable mistakes deprived me of a vote in the election – and yes I have a grovelling apology and yes, you bet I have my polling card for the EU referendum!) but also

(b) we’d booked to see gig at the fabulous Union Chapel.

These lovely people are – Sunny Ozell (a great blues singer but also hitched to a certain Mr Patrick Stewart – thesp), Teddy Thompson (son of Richard and Linda Thompson) and his nephew Zak Thompson (the Thompson’s are a bit like the Waterson-Carthy’s – dynastic singer songwriters) and in the bottom shot Teddy again with the fabulously talented  (but in this pic very blurry!) American singer-songwriter Kelly Jones.

The presence of Sunny I think goes some way to explaining why Gandalf himself (Sir Ian) was spotted in the audience along with (we’re pretty sure) Bryan Singer.  But forget celeb spotting the gig was so great we went back again a couple of weeks later when they did an extra show and saw it all again and bought all the CDs and a limited edition poster – and they were kind enough to all hang around post gig and sign ALL the things 🙂

Teddy and Kelly’s album Little Window’s (get it on Amazon or iTunes) is fantastic and I have found myself bopping along the train and tube platforms for the best part of the last 10 days singing the chorus of  You Can’t Call Me Baby Any More and Never Knew You Loved Me Too (you can hear this on Teddy’s website).

So if you want to support some indie artists you have all the links 🙂

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