PT and Meaty Monday

Post-Christmas review of the fitness programme and the PT and I have agreed some respectable targets.

  1. Complete C25k programme by early April – my choice
  2. Flexibility / mobility / stretching – daily practice for overall improvement – his choice. We’ve made solid progress but now he really wants me to focus on the daily practice.  Also important if I’m going to complete objective 1 without borking my right knee/hip.
  3. Monkey bars at the gym – my choice, I want to swing across those suckers with the ease I used to be able to when I was 14!
  4. Fat loss and muscle definition – (yes OK weight loss) – thought long and hard about this as I’ve always said to him strength, fitness, flexibility, suppleness are my top priorities. I want to be able to bend, stretch, run and lift heavy gardening/allotment stuff. And he’s certainly turned floppy bits into solid muscle over the last 2 years – but the muscle is still hidden under a protective layer of not-muscle and I’m finally ready to commit to tackling that.

So this evening post my cardio warm up I was weighed, measured and luckily not found wanting by the lovely PT. We were both a bit surprised to find my arm and leg measurements were the same on both sides (I’d anticipated some difference since my left side is weaker – but I;m starting from a position of being in balance).

After that we went straight into a a cardio-weights workout (light weights higher reps):

* 7kg dumbbells high pulls x 20 reps
* 25kg barbell bent over rows x 20 reps
* 10kg barbell push press x 20 reps
* 6kg medicine ball slams x 15 reps
* press up position plank to failure

All of that was one set – 1 min rest at end of set and 7 sets.  (I always find it slightly frustrating doing the high reps/light weight sessions as I like heavy lifting, but I can’t lift heavy and do quite so many reps at such speed!)

Then  there was a 10 min fast row on the concept rower, finished with lots of side planks and some assisted hamstring stretches.

I tend to come out of gym sessions with an appetite so depressed I don’t want to eat much (in which case I know I’ll eat ALL THE FOOD the next day) or I come out as hungry as a ravening wolf. It was the latter today which is why I ended up spending £20  in Sainsbury’s on food I didn’t really need (but it looked so good) and ended up with a DEEEEELICIOUS dinner of a giant ribeye steak and a veg medley of squash, broccoli, sugar snap peas and asparagus which could be quickly nuked.

My post-gym refuel meal was on my plate 7 minutes after I walked in the door and I pretty much inhaled it.


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2 Responses to PT and Meaty Monday

  1. Plotdaze says:

    I could just eat that meal now! We’ve been saying we’ll deffo get fitter because we’re so sick of coming back from the allotment and an hour later not being able to move because our muscles are seizing up.Feel like we should do a warm up before we go! Great post.

    • Jo says:

      It was one of the main reasons I went back into the gym – after spending a summer gardening I realised I was having real problems with all the bending and lifting and if I wanted to be an active allotmenteer I needed to sort out my body!

      I still ache after a day digging but now at least I don’t seize up ad I can move in the evening and walk the next day 🙂

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