Weekend plans

So it’s a ovely day in London with sunshine streaming in through the window – alas I;m at work (for at least another hour) and not in the garden elbows deep in planting out some stocks and primroses.

Weekend (gardening!) plans:

Front garden

  • finish potting above mentioned primulas and stocks do tidying p the raised bed/cobbled path (those cobbles will be going this year)
  • tidy up the bin area
  • take and post a few pics for the record!

Back garden

  • get down the firescape and into the garden (first floor terrace conversion)
  • make a (long) list of what needs doing to tidy things up and get the three veg beds back into production
  • remember that there are two bags of manure in the front garden that need to be moved to the back ready for veg bed prep
  • check on the two flower beds
  • work out when to give the deck and path a jolly good scrub and clean
  • remove dead plants/weeds and tidy away old pots
  • sort out tool store which lives under the fireescape
  • does the fence need painting this year?
  • can I get one or both of the raised bed plastic grow frames out
  • pics!


  • quick check on how wildflowers planted last weekend are doing
  • maybe – if weather holds – tackle that final bit of grass and brambles which needs digging over
  • pics!


  • finish sortoing out seed stash – veg/flowers
  • prep for allotment sweed swap next weekend
  • add posts to allotment society blog
  • investigate funding streams for allotment soc meeting


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6 Responses to Weekend plans

  1. That’s quite a list – good luck!!

  2. plot34 says:

    At least you won’t feel the cold with that action list underway. Have fun.

    • Jo says:

      Turned out to be a bit too chilly on Saturday better on Sunday. Hopefully we will have some nice weather this coming weekend!

  3. Sounds like an excellent plan! Spring is a great time to be a gardener. Lots to do lots to see!

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