Fitness achievements (Feb) and goals (Mar)

Brief background: back in November 2014 I realised I needed to do something about my fitness and flexbility. I was starting to develop back and knee pain after a day in the garden, my cardio fitness levels sucked and my joints felt like they belonged to a 90 year old.  So I took myself down to the gym, found a PT who specialised in remdial injuries and issues (and understood them having been a pro footballer until he blew out his knee).

I’ve been training 3 times a week with him since Dec 2014 – which as far as I’m concerned is not a luxury. It’s an investment in my fitness, and both physical and mental health.  Gym sessions blow away all the niggles of a stressful day at work.  So I’m a heck of a lot stronger, fitter and more flexible than a year ago – though theoretically I could still do with dropping quite a bit of weight.

I also bought a Fitbit Charge last summer and fell in love.  As someone who’s quite moticated by charts and graphs and stats it’s just what I needed to get myself off the couch and moving!

My overall fitness targets and actuals for February were:

* 11 / 12 PT sessions (lovely PT celebrated his birthday on Monday – so 1 session down)
* 10 / 12 cardio sessions (minimum of 30 mins)
* 342,301 / 350,000 total steps which is 159.53 / 160 miles
* 1456 / 1500 active Fitbit mins
* 13,945 / 12,000 total exercise cals (PT + cardio + walking + gardening)
* 83,574 / 83,000 Fitbit cals (total cals per month)
* 14 / 29 stretching sessions (20 mins min) – to keep the lovely PT happy.

So overall not too shabby – though I obviously need to work a lot harder on getting daily stretching into my routine. I want to increase my cardio, active minutes and hit more stretching sessions so my targets for March are:

* 12 PT sessions
* 15 cardio sessions (min 30 mins)
* 350,000 total steps / 160 miles
* 1700 active mins
* 15,000 total exercise cals (PT + cardio + walking + gardening)
* 83,000 Fitbit cals (total cals per month)
* 31 stretching sessions (20 mins min) – to keep the lovely PT happy

I got around 10,000 steps a day most days in Feb.  That’s my baseline for March though I’d like to get closer to hitting 15,000 a day. At least I have a plan?!

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