Food audit and menu planning

I seem, post Christmas, to have a bit of an overabundance of food – mostly fresh – and a well stocked freezer.  The aim for January is:

  1. to have as many no spend days as possible
  2. take lunch to work every day avoiding the temptations of cafes
  3. live from the fridge and freezer as much as possible
  4. eat healthy – juggle my macros (protein 25%, carbs 30%,  fat 45%) and aim to keep the carbs under 150gm/day and sugar under 80gm/day.

Considering what I have in stock that should be very easily do-able!

Store cupboard: 400gm cans 1 x chickpeans, coconut milk, chopped tomatoes. More herbs and spices than anyone would credit, 2 x half full jars of honey and one full one. Bag of apricots, small jaor of flaked almonds and brazil nuts, small har of cashew butter. Three bags of microwaveable rice – basmati, pilau and wholemeal long gran. Porrage oats, ground flaxseeds, small handful of raisins, handful of linseeds, large box of cousous, packet of jasnine rice and pack of wild rice.

Dairy, cheese, meat, fish (fresh): 6 eggs, pancetta x 200g, half pot greek yoghurt, 250gm of wensleydale cheese with cramberries, 2 alf wheels of Stilton (454gm each),  fresh chicken breast x 2, cod fillets x 2, prawns x 1 pack.

Vegetables: pack of beetroot in vinegar,  lots of carrots, lots of parnsips, leeks x 3, courgettes x 3, baby fennel x 3,  red peppers x 3 (1 long, 2 oval),  chestnut mushrooms x 1 punnet, portobello mushrooms x 2, small cabbage, cauliflower (2 small, 1 medium), chard, small iceberg lettuce,  2 packs green beans (440gm),  baby plum tomatoes x 2 packs (500gm), celery (500gm), red onions (3 medium, 4 small), red cabbage (quarter), sweet potatoes (2 medium, 3 small).

Fruit:  cherries (200gm), blueberries (60gm),  apples (3 small, 2 medium),  clementines x 5, lemon x 1, lime x 1, bananas x 4, pears x 4, oranges x  2 medium.

Freezer: brocolli & cauliflower florets (900gm),  peas (1 portion),  New Covent Garden Soup – Tomato and Spinach,  haddock fillets x 5, cod fillets x 5, hake fillets x 5, everyday white fish fillets (500g),  chicken portions 2kg, brocolli (half bag), peas (half bag),  mixed veg bag (carrots, peas, cauliflower, broccoli) 1.3kg.

There’s a bag of organic whey protein shake too.

There’s at least 30 evening meals there, breafasts for most of the month (at the moment this has been a protein shake), and lunches for around half the month. Lunch at the moment is a portion of home made soup (this week Spicy Parsnip) with a salad and protein source.  I may need to buy more leafy green salad at some point.

This weekend will involve some menu plannig and a bit of batch cooking.

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