Productive actions in perilous times

My Twitter feed has been one long scroll of horror since 20 January (with some gloriously bright spots such as the millions around the world who took part in the Women’s Marches and the lovely Americans crowding the streets at every opportunity to protest the latest idiocy proposed by Trump).

At the moment the cockles of my cynical heart are being warmed by the numbers of immigration lawyers who have turned up at multiple airports to offer pro-bono advice and try and pry names and details out of CBP staff; the variety of Congress people turning up to support that and the judiciary who have ruled the ‘muslim ban’ as illegal.

I couldn’t do the Women’s March last weekend but in the spirit of Doing Something rather than just amplifying as many voices as possible here’s a partial list of actions I’m putting in place.

a) Signed this petition to limit any visit by Trump – and I’ll be out on the street protesting the moment his toes touch the ground.

b) Attending the Emergency Protest at Downing Street tomorrow night with a pal.

c) Signed this letter ‘from the world’ to dearest Donald letting him know that 3 million of us (and counting) don’t like him one little bit. Sometimes it’s the little things and when you’re dealing with a man that vain there’s something comforting in 3m+ people rejecting him and everything he stands for (on top of those who did a rousing job doing just that last weekend).

d) Letters sent to local councillors and local MP asking pertinent questions and for their reassurance on their positions on a number of key issues.

e) Emailed 10 Downing Street asking whether May really wants to go down in history as the Neville Chamberlain for this decade.

f) Donated to Kal Penn’s amazing fund raiser (US actor who also worked for the Obama administration) who opened what he thought might be a little fund raiser after some twit told him he didn’t belong in America.  It’s currently @ $407,000 and rising by the second.

g) Donated to and/or joined (start of a list I expect to grow over coming months)

  • Hope not Hate
  • Amnesty International
  • Greenpeace
  • Friends of the Earth

h) Trying to track down a useful blog post an American pal made about how non-Americans can donate to groups like the ACLU and other civil liberties orgs without jeopardising their status in the US.

It’s a start.  Diary dates for coming months – possible further march next Saturday, then two in March – one for preserving the NHS against all incursions and one an anti-Brexit march.

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