Five things Friday

Technically it’s just tripped over into Saturday but we’ll ignore that!

  1. It’s the weekend. HUZZAH!  My team were off stick today and I hope they’ve not infected me with their various lurgies! I had a couple of days out of the office last week for a training course on integral coaching (taught by the lovely people at thirdspace coaching) – which I eyed with a degree of scepticism.  However it turned out to be incredibly beneficial – the framework presented, taking part in the demo coaching session on the second morning and practice coaching sessions with colleagues meant I came away with a lot of things to think about in terms of reframing my approach to several aspects of my life.
  2. I have a GIANT personal ‘To do’ list – which for once does not fill me with horror! If the weather holds I plan to spend some time down on the allotments/out in the garden over the next two days.  If it rains or gets too cold there will be nesting – I have spectacular amounts of laundry and ironing to do and I’d really like to get some order into my flat before Christmas – including making sure I have enough floorspace to be able to do some daily stretching sessions effectively at home. I also aim begin a giant clear up before the New Year which will hopefully propel me into 2017 with a desire to simplify.
  3. My lovely personal trainer (PPTP) is still killing me with gym sessions and boxing.  We’re lifting heavy at the moment and it is exhausting and resulting in the kinds of (good!) muscle ache I’ve not had for months – we’e both figured he’d been letting me coast for a while. Now I stagger home, feed myself and then have a nap *before* bedtime on training days.  Boxing this evening was awesome with lots of long cobination punches interspersed with power and speed work.  I’m due back on Saturday night for a much-needed mobilisation and stretching session. Also I can leg press 200kgs  BOOO YAH! My chest press still needs a lot of work though.
  4. I’m ridiculously excited that we got three free mulberry trees from Morus Londinium for our allotments!  They arrived yesterday – luckily are in pots not bare-rooted. Hopefully we can get them in the ground next weekend and d make a bit of a National Tree Week event of the planting and do out bit for repopulating London with mulberries.
  5. I seem to have fallen down the rabbithole of BuJo’s. A pal mentioned them a few weeks back, I read up a bit and figured they might work for me.  Tried a modified version at work which has helped enormously with keeping me on track.  Now planning to have a BuJo for the allotments and one for personal stuff. Yes I know having three is a bit of a contradiction of the concept but I like to compartmentalise bits of my life.

Still fuelled by the rage I’ve felt since 23rd June which was only increased on 9 November.  But rage is powerful and translates to positive actions and activism so there’s a plus side.

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