BFI Flare festival – film 11

The final set of shorts for me tag line for the collection was “these films prove we all have a little something to learn, no matter where we might be.”

Mother Knows Best delightful little Swedish short.  After introducing his mother to his new boyfriend an angsty teenager faces an awkward car journey home with mum giving lots of unwanted advice!

The Future Perfect is an American time travel movie that take place in the space between then and now. Hardesty hired to do a job that makes him question everything including his long time partner Greenwood. We discover that a major crisis in the future has it’s origins in a minor moment in the past – a train platform in 1968. The target – a 9 year old boy, is patient zero of a horrible virus.  Hardesty defends the boy’s life until Greenwood reveals who Hardesty will eventually become. A sparse, minimalist sci-fi story about the endless nature of grief.

Sauna the Dead as per the programme – crusing turns to carnage when a band of towel clad zombie take over the sauna! On the surface a silly fairy tale but also filled with metaphors for those who want more.

The Guy from Work French Canadian – middle-aged Raynald is a family man who has been working in the same tire plant for over 30 years. However, this week, Raynald will make the biggest move of his life.

The Orchid utterly delightful 3 minute Spanish short from a first time director.

No Strings an emotionally reclusive Welsh man must spend a night with an out-going Irish man after an awkward sexual encounter leaves one being stranded.  Despite the fact that this opens with a hook-up its much more about stripping away pretenses and masks, being emotional vulnerable and offering empathy to others.

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