BFI Flare festival – film 3

Fourth Man Out was another hit of the festival for me.

It’s an adorable story of a young car mechanic Adam (Evan Todd) deciding to come out to his friends and family on his 24th birthday.

His three thoroughly blue collar friends have varied reactions – Nick (Chord Overstreet) and Ortu (Jon Gabrus) being hilariously paranoid and best mate Chris (Parker Young) aiming to be cool and working hard to ensure that nothing changes in the four friends relationship.

The pals bafflement at the sudden relevation and their journey through awkward and newly fraught tension to understanding is generally played more for humour than drama. The tipping point comes when Chris scores a date with a lovely girl who calls him out on his insensitivity to Adam’s coming out.

The pals try to study up on “gay stuff” and take Adam to the town’s gay bar to try and help him out and score a date to improve his barren love life.

It’s a truely delightful film, with some lovely sub-plots – the cast make the friendship feel real, established and believable and the humour is gentle and well played.

If you see it on release do try and catch it – for an enjoyable 95 mins entertainment!

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