Allotment ground preparation

A fairly sunny and, once you started working, warm day meant an afternoon at the allotment for a day dedicated to ground preparation.  Chance to see how the area I dug over before Xmas had held up against all the rain and try and tackle that last bit of brambles near the main path.

This is what it looked like at midday (left image from the back to the front of the plot) right pic from the front looking to the back.

As you can see everything has held up relatively well – no flooding, no standing water, soil not too wet and not a huge amount of regrowth.  By 3:30 to 4pm (ish) I managed to get it to this:

Went home satisfied if a wee bit aching but at least the bulk of the brambles are gone, and a whole load more stones and flinty bits removed! Was able to head home feeling productive and in need of a decent, hot, soak in the bath!

Some of the stones dug out (left) and the onions and garlic holding on (right).

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