More onions and garlic

The clocks went back last night (end of British Summer Time and heading into the long cold dark) so naturally I was WIDE AWAKE at 7:30am.

I had a lazy morning and then pottered down to the allotment around lunchtime to (a) plant up the second small bed with red onions and garlic (Thermidor) and (b) check that I’d weighted down the compost bin as we’re expecting high winds and stormy weather over the next few days. Here are the onions and garlic laid out ready for planting!


All was well though I really do need to either store some tools down there or work out a way of trotting up and down the road while carrying fork, rake, trug and hand garden tools. There were quite a few people out taking advantage of the lovely (if windy!) weather and getting to grips with their plots.

The weeds are taking advantage of the lack of ground prep and coming back in slowly though – and those brambles are getting bigger!

Need to get on with that ground prep sooner rather than later!

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