And so a year goes by…

 …without a post!
Scandalous!  Since my last (real) post in July ’12 there’ve been a few developments – new and interesting job in September – which ate up most of my spare time from September through to March this year.  And more involvement in the local Transition Town Tooting group.  But my work like balance is getting better and there will be a proper post about my poor little garden in the next day or two.

I say poor little garden because the wet summer, wet autumn and high winds in winter and spring finally took their toll on my 10 year old panel fence and it collapsed in March.

Alas, a busy time at work followed by a holiday in New York meant I’d not had a lot of time to investigate repairs/replacement.  I bit the bullet last week when I realised unless I got something done I’d lose another veggie growing season and that wasn’t on!

Charming chap came around on Tuesday night, gave me a great quote and right now he’s nailing the last of the closeboards in place.

He’s been here since 9:30 this morning, has worked his socks off and I”m pretty sure he’s going to be leaving me with a solid fence which will withstand the elements for a good few more years.  It’s also given me the opportunity to prune the Pyracantha and winter and summer jasmines back a bit.

Once he’s finished the task for the rest of the weekend is paint the fence, weed and tidy up and plant up the herb pots and strawberry bags, I think that’ll take up most of what’s left of today and tomorrow. And review what’s in the 5 beds and plan for moving some things (foxgloves) to the Transition Town Tooting Community Garden and look at reviewing some veggie and flower bed planting schemes.

Thank goodness next weekend is a holiday weekend!

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