Balham Farmers’ Market

I’ve been a fan of Farmers’ Markets since I tried out one in Clapham back in 2007. The Clapham market used to be part of the London Farmers’ Markets but has since either ceased trading or split off from the main group.  I should nip back and check whether it’s still operating.

A new farmers’ market opened in Balham last year – which is just a short bus ride or 40 min walk away. They generally have a fabulous range of stalls most weeks – see an indication of the suppliers here.

This week there were fewer stalls than usual but it didn’t stop me picking up a decent amount of food.

This week’s haul included:

  • red sorrel, french sorrel and a new lemon verbena plant over on the left
  • bunch of small purple tulips and 3 bunches of daffs at the back
  • unpasturised goats milk and goats cheese
  • a large duck breast and chicken breast
  • a spelt loaf (or Roman Marching Bread according to the chap selling it to me)
  • rocket (in the plastic bag)
  • half a dozen large organic eggs
  • four gigantic scallops (in the plastic bag on the duck’s breast)
  • two cartons of homemade soup (spicy chorizo with red pepper and cannellini beans & spicy butternut)
  • fresh wild ramsons (the greenery on the right) and a jar of organic apple & bergamot marmalade

All in all a rather fabulous selection of goodies.


The ramsons and marmalade come from one of my favourite suppliers Brambletye Fruit Farms who grow according to biodynamic principles (I confess to being intrigued by the idea of biodynamics, it’s something I want to read up on) and they produce some of the best tasting apples and pears I’ve ever eaten.

I had the scallops for lunch – they’re a bit of an extravagance but I love sea food and these were giant and lovely and just perfect  pan-fried quickly in a little butter.

I would have liked to head down to the market this coming Saturday as they’re having their Plant Fair but I’ll be doing my Master Gardener induction and don’t think there’ll be enough time to whizz around the market and get over to East Dulwich by 9:45am.

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