Feathered visitor

I’ve acquired a cheeky friend who’s been popping by every time I set foot into the back garden.  He (or she) does a quick fly by and then gradually hops along the top of the fence until he can take up a suitable position in the small Acer I have planted in the back left hand side of the garden.


Robin (Erithacus rubecula)

Once he’s in position I’m very conscious of his beady eye watching me and he sits tilting his head and chattering away watching me dig over the three veggie beds and weed around the ornamental plants and spread additional compost.  The moment I retreat into the flat for a quick, restorative cuppa he’s down in the dirt investigating and looking for worms and grubs.

This afternoon I remembered to bring my camera down and managed to sneak close enough to snap a quick picture!

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